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Master: Black Belt

Deeper and higher

The master level consists of the black belt first degree to the black belt ninth degree. In this level students will gain a full understanding of their body by possessing speed, power, self control, and a positive clarity of mind. In addition they will be starting to give back to the school, by teaching other students and will take active parts in performances. Students will also be free sparing and learning grappling and wrestling techniques.

Master Black Belt Degree Program

1ST DEGREE Long Fist, Broadsword, Staff

2ND DEGREE Straight Sword, Spear

3RD DEGREE Southern Staff, Southern Broadsword, 

4TH DEGREE Non-weapon sparring, Weapon Sparring

5TH DEGREE Tai Chi Quan, Tai Chi Sword

6TH DEGREE XingYi, BaGua

7TH DEGREE International Martial Arts, Research and Theory

8TH DEGREE Teaching and Training, Research and Theory

9TH DEGREE Performance, Research and Theory

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