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Learning Has No Bounds


Evergreen Wushu is dedicated to the promotion of traditional Chinese Martial Arts that is also adapted to the needs of modern sports and wellness. Exploration, performance, and learning of traditional Chinese Martial Arts are the key activities of our school.  Chinese Martial Arts are called "Wushu" and "Kung Fu" in Chinese and are characterized by the fine movement of the limbs, body systems, as well as internal energy.  It benefits health, body, spirit, and mind.  It helps to establish an active and positive lifestyle and encourages students to strive for excellence.

We uphold a harmonious, healthy and happy teaching philosophy. We strive to mobilize the potential of every student to pursue excellence in athletic ability. Our goal is to help our students develop their physical, mental, athletic and social capabilities, enrich their life style and realize the value of life.


Chinese Kung Fu is more than simply self-defense; it is a way to learn self-discipline, self control, and perseverance. It is the continuous improvement of good health and wellness through traditional sets of martial arts movements, called forms. Chinese Kung Fu increases strength, flexibility, and health and reduces stress. Students build character and values through school training and community events.

Martial Arts Shrine


Tai Chi flourishes in Chinese traditional culture. It is a unique martial art that develops internal Qi (energy) to improve health and develop spiritual, physical and intellectual balance. It is a beautiful and artistic activity that helps reduce tension, stress and anxiety. The mind and body work together to achieve physical and spiritual strength, calmness and harmony.

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